My Sunscreen Top 5: Finding the good without the ugly


Ok, lets be honest. The “best” brands are the “ugly “ ones. Paint your face white and you are covered, literally. No sun is getting through, your skin is safe and so is Mother Earth. But lets be realistic here. I’m a big believer in a happy medium. I am a big believer in less is more when it comes to sunscreen (the chemicals…don’t even get me started!), but I make sure that my face, neck, and chest are covered and covered well. Otherwise I only wear it if I’m out on the dinghy or other fast boat in the FULL sun for long periods.

My favorite brands can be bought at Whole Foods or other health food stores. Or of course, every traveler’s best friend: Amazon. I cannot say it enough—check your specific sunscreen choice on the Environmental Working Group’s database at to make sure you are using something that is healthy for your skin and the ocean. The “continuous spray” version is slightly less environmentally friendly, but a life-savor on the beach with kids. I try to balance looks and ease of use with quality ingredients.

My Top 5:


  1. Kiss My Face Hot Spots SPF 30 or, if you’re a fan of lotion sunscreens, theirs are tops.


  1. Coola Suncare Sport Spray, scented or unscented, SPF 30-50


  1. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Clear Spray SPF 50


  1. Supergoop, both the lotion and the oil are personal favorites. Also if you want a tinted version, the Supergoop daily correct CC cream, SPF 35 is excellent.


  1. Powder sunscreen! These are super convenient and easy to put on once you’ve been out in the sun and need to reapply. I’ll cheat and list a few of my favorites: Mineral Fusion, Colorescience Sunforgettable, Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 (bonus here—comes with antioxidants built right in and works on hair too, since it is matte and translucent



There are so many options out there. EWG has a fantastic database that lets you search literally ANY product, and they also have their own lists of recommendations. And lastly, wear a hat!











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