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With my first two babies, I bought things that were cute, things that were nice, things that were highly recommended…I bought a lot of things. At least it felt like a lot, for someone without a real “nursery” set up and for a family that is always on the go, staying in small homes or tiny cabins or on a sailboat. I didn’t think much about my purchases beyond how they could improve our day to day. When it came time to get rid of all this baby stuff, I researched the best places to donate it to. I found some fantastic organizations out there helping to recycle baby goods for families in need. This made me feel pretty good. So when I found myself–surprise!!–pregnant again, and in need of once again purchasing “all the stuff”, I decided why not try to pay it forward on the front end, instead of just waiting until I can donate it. So I started researching some of the best items to buy for our new baby from companies that also benefit charities here in Boston and around the world.

Below are the favorite items and companies I found, that either donate profit percentages or donate actual goods for every purchase you make.

Little Lotus baby swaddle and blankets

This company is AWESOME. I discovered their swaddle by accident with my second baby, and we used it every night. Not only does it promise temperature-control, it is easy to put on and it stays in place. For every swaddle purchased, proceeds go towards helping save premature babies in developing countries with Embrace Incubators. This company has to date helped save over 200,000 babies in 22 countries, has won numerous awards, and you can read more about their story here. This was one product that I was very happy to purchase a second time around.

Baby Theresa organic cotton baby clothes, plus a few other adorable baby gifts. For every outfit purchased, one if donated to a child in need. Remember the prices are in Australian dollars–I thought they looked pretty high at first but then I remembered to convert to US. I have bought baby gifts from this site in the past and will be buying a few little outfits for our new addition.

Amazon Smile This is a real no brainer. On Amazon Smile you can make all your purchases just like you do on Amazon, but a percentage of money spent gets donated to the charity of your choice. If other new parents are anything like me, then a lot of stuff gets ordered on Amazon. Making this simple switch takes 20 seconds and you can be helping someone out with every single order! My amazon purchases go towards a local charity, Horizons for Homeless Children. There is a charity there to inspire every one of you, guaranteed!

Solly Baby Wraps are not only lightweight and luxuriously soft, they also support the maternal health charity started by Christy Turlington, Every Mother Counts. When I am done with a carrier, I always always donate it to Carry The Future, an amazing organization! Just reading about them again now makes me want to buy an extra carrier just to send along.

The Honest Company Has a strong history of social works and product donations. While there is no direct correlation between your diaper purchase and a donation made to those in need, the company donated 9.5 MILLION items in 2016, and employees participate in many charitable events across a spectrum of needs.  When we are traveling I usually pack enough for the first few days, then I buy what’s available. But on the boat and at our houses I order these cute patterns and stock up!





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