Nantucket Takeaways

  1. I’m already laughing at the word “takeaway” because really the only things I ever take away from Nantucket are a lot of new expensive clothes, a hangover, and an empty wallet from the clothes, the wine, and the double price paid for fuel and boat dockage. But, somehow, it always feels worth it.
  2. We used to paddle around Nantucket harbor on our stand-up paddle boards, with a six pack or a bottle of wine, hang on the mooring lines of all these big gorgeous boats, and talk about how “one day” we would have a boat of our own. Occasionally someone would call down to us laughing from where they were hanging out in their cockpits.
  3. So, naturally, it was a BIG deal for us the first time we sailed in, on our J-100. The slips were all for boats much bigger than ours and it was hard to climb up to the dock at low tide. Everyone walked by pointing like we were nuts, but we loved every second of it.
  4. This year, with no Robin Hood, we stayed at the Summer House cottages–super cute little houses in the village of Siasconset, with a big pool and beach bar. Perfect for kids.
  5. I never understood what people meant when they talked about “the light” in a certain place. The more I’ve gotten into photography, the more I’ve understood it. I can now say that “the light” in Nantucket is something truly special. I ran out to the beach each morning in the hour after sunrise just to see it and snap a few pictures, then I tip toed back into bed with the babes.
  6. Rocky turned 1 month old in Nantucket and we had a terrible scare. He fell out of his stroller onto a stone patio, hitting his head. The stroller tipped so he didn’t actually fall from very high up, probably around 12-18 inches. BUT STILL.
  7. We spent half his 1 month birthday at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the other half at our annual charity event for local homeless children. It was a crazy and emotionally exhausting day, and I could not have felt more grateful or lucky at the end of it. (He is 100% ok).
  8. There are so many amazing places for kids on Nantucket. But my boys’ absolute favorite spot to play is the little grassy yard around the Library. Children truly are easy to please.
  9. Coatue is one of the most beautiful places. Nantucket harbor can be jam-packed with super yachts and tourists but if you shoot across to Coatue you will find yourself in a pristine coastal New England paradise.
  10. Nantucket has the best restaurants in the smallest space of anywhere in the world. I am prepared to stand by that statement!! You can’t beat it.

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