Weekend Wanders

1. When we are home in New England, we usually get out of the city for the weekend. We spent Saturday in Essex, MA, at my in-laws place on Conomo Point. This is a 6-month only community, and the water shuts off on October 15th. So we snuck in one last day of fun.

2. We were treated to temperatures in the 60s and an early afternoon low tide, so we headed right out into the mud with our shovels.

3. I’m vegan, so I’m really torn when it comes to letting my boys go clamming and fishing. It’s great that both activities get them out into nature, but I only support it as long as they keep eating what they catch.

4. After Saturday afternoon outside in the mud, we drove 3 hours up to our house in Vermont. This is the peak time for gorgeous fall foliage, and our entire side of the mountain was coated in all the reds, yellows, and oranges. My favorite is when all these colors are out, and the grass is still SO GREEN.

5. Waking up in Vermont is the BEST. Our bedroom is on the corner and two whole walls are glass so no matter the weather it’s a beautiful start to the day.

6. For that matter, sleeping in Vermont is the best too. I can track the moon across the sky each night whenever I’m awake feeding Rocky.

7. Bonfires are a must-do every day when we are here. From collecting the wood, to building the little kindling teepee, to roasting marshmallows, it’s one of the boys’ favorite things. We forgot marshmallows but apparently we left a bag out by the fire pit when we were up two weeks ago. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t let them toast and eat the entire bag. Two takeaways from this—marshmallows last forever and wild animals do not like them.

8. We came up this time around for a purpose: To check out a super-hippie private school in Stowe for River’s kindergarten next year. They are all about the outdoors, free-play, and naturally they agree that a two-month sailing hiatus would be just dandy.

9. Vermont is the most “home-like” of any places we go. Every time we are here it is tempting to just quit all our fun travels and stay forever!

10. Buuuut I won’t really. Three more weeks until it’s sailing-to-Grenada-time!!!

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