Life with Rocky: First 3 months + what I really couldn’t live without

The so-called “fourth trimester” (the first three months of your baby’s life) can be a lot of things. Depending on what kind of baby you get, you may not even make it out of the house. With a good-natured summer baby–and him being the youngest of five–we were out and about immediately. It almost feels funny to call it the 4th trimester, because there wasn’t much of a relaxing vibe to these few months at all. That said, I have REALLY enjoyed my little newborn August Skye, AKA ROCKY!!. He is a sweet-natured little dream. We never imagined we would have another baby, even joking once about how horrified we would be if it somehow accidentally happened. Well. It did, and we literally could not be any happier that he is here.

  • Since I never planned on another baby, this has made me appreciate him even more, somehow. I look at him and see this absolute gift of a tiny human.  I’ve been much better at embracing each moment this time around–the beautiful and the frustrating alike.
  • Everyone assumed that, since I already had two boys, I was hoping/praying/dying for a girl. I actually really wanted a third boy. Nothing against girls (I am one, after all!!)—If I’d had two girls first, I’d probably have wanted another girl. But I loved being a boy mom and saw no reason to mess with a good thing.
  • This was the first pregnancy that I managed to wait and not find out the gender. It made it extra exciting, even though it was the hardest thing to not peek.
  • I did the genetic testing at 10 weeks and at 12 weeks along, they emailed me the results. Included in the results was a button that said “click here to reveal gender”. I cannot tell you how many times I sat staring at that button in the first week after getting the email. My husband would be talking to me from the other side of my computer while I sat secretly staring at the button, my finger hovering over the mouse pad. I somehow finally moved on, though, and stopped opening the email.
  • I could NOT decide what to call him!!! I have always loved the name August. Then, in the delivery room, I wasn’t ready to commit to calling him that over his middle name, Skye. My husband suddenly wanted August and I wanted Skye. Then when the first visitors came in, my husband told them we were calling him Skye–as I wanted. Yet, somehow when I heard it said out loud it didn’t feel right. I kept having this feeling that it was wrong, and finally we all agreed on the nickname “Rocky”, which just feels exactly right–like him.
  • The name “Rocky” was on our short list, and for most of the pregnancy, I actually though of him as my little Rocky. (Even though we did not find out the gender, I really thought it was another boy the whole time.) “Rocky” was first suggested by his older brother River, in honor of his favorite National Geographic ocean explorer, Rocky Strong.
  • He started nursing about 20 minutes after birth. He latched on immediately and I feel so lucky to have had no issues since then. He started gaining weight immediately, making my first vegan baby my chunkiest one yet!
  • We gave away all of our baby stuff from the first two, so I got to be VERY picky about what we bought this time around. I bought a lot of products that support needy moms and babies around the world (see the complete list here.) And otherwise, I bought just a few outfits from L’oved baby, Kickee Pants, and Angel Dear. They all three have the softest clothes!!! When I say a “few” I really mean just a few. I pretty much rotate him between 4-5 outfits and it is really nice not have the baby clutter. I ordered these brands online from my favorite store, Little, in Portland Maine. The other things I really used and appreciated were:
  1. dockatot—he sleeps in it every night, and with the travel bag you can bring it with you easily. This was a gift, so I didn’t really research options, but my favorite that I would buy if doing this again is the Snuggle Me organic by Fawn and Forest.
  2. Beco baby cool mesh carrier (or any other material)—this has been my favorite carrier for all 3 boys, and I have tried ALL the major brands. It is the only one I found that can be used from newborn age without an insert, all the way to toddler age. Baby can sit in any position, including facing out starting at 4 months. This is key—all my babies wanted to watch the action and were only happy in this position. Other carriers can’t adjust the width between baby’s legs and therefore can’t turn outward until baby is much bigger. The cool mesh material was perfect for hot summer months and will be perfect on our boat as well.
  3. Solly Baby Wrap—I love the soft material on this wrap. I don’t use this when we are out and about but sometimes at home Rocky has trouble settling so I’ll get him cozy in this wrap and he will nap while I get stuff done. He is literally snoring on my chest in his Solly Baby Wrap as I write this!!
  4. Sleepy Sounds white noise app—you may have reservations about using a phone for white noise, and I would probably agree with you. But being on the move so much I can’t keep another white noise device with us, and none seem to get as necessarily loud as my iPhone. When he’s crying I fire up the white noise option on my app and literally watch as his face smoothes over and he settles happily.

That’s it! There are of course many other products I use, but these are the necessities that I can’t go a day without.

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