Marco Island- First Solo Adventure with 3

There are two places I love to go in Florida, and both have a slight “Truman Show” tinge to them (anyone remember that Jim Carrey movie?!) One of the places actually WAS the set for the Truman Show–Seaside, Florida. The other is Marco Island. It is so picturesque and perfect that it really does remind one a bit of a movie set. What this translates to in real-world importance is that is a VERY navigable and enjoyable place to go with children. Within just a few minutes of our house there is the library, with a fantastic children’s section, the park, with basketball courts, a pirate-ship-themed playground and a splash park. There is a dog park next door and the beach is just a short easy walk. The beach itself is wide with perfect white sand and some of the best shell collecting I’ve found anywhere. It is warm and calm and on a “rough” day will have tiny little waves that my 3 and 5 year olds love to “jump”.

All that aside, this WAS my first trip alone with the three (3!!!!!!! OMG) boys, and I was a little nervous. We rented a house down the street from Grandma and Grandpa, and it was perfection! There was a large dock out back to fish from, a shady but warm screened-in pool, and lots of room to run. I rented baby supplies, toys and bikes ahead of time and these were delivered right to us on arrival. No one pooped on the airplane, so thats what I call a successful start to vacation.

As we waited for Robin Hood to be ready, our one-week visit turned into 2 1/2 weeks. I learned how much more it takes out of me to have a third child attached at all times. It was especially hard keeping Rocky out of the sun while still making time to play with River and Van. This past year my husband and I have adopted the “don’t kill it” mantra. No no, not in regard to the baby–though that works too!!–but in regard to the day in general. We both have a tendency to try to squeeze one too many things into the day, and before we know it, it can be 3PM and we’ve done snorkeling, pool swimming, baseball at the park, and beach time. Neither boy has napped or eaten a proper lunch and we are toast. I’m trying to keep things simpler this year, and keep them inside midday for some actual lunch and rest, even if that means TV or iPad time, since neither of them has ever really napped.  Rocky has proven useful in this, as his little baby skin actually requires some shade and indoor breaks!

This was the vacation of chess, as River and Van got really into learning to play. We left Marco after two weeks ready to take on solo flight number two, down to Antigua to meet Robin Hood. I smashed my phone on our way out, so we were treated to a lovely evening in South Beach awaiting a new screen from the Lincoln Road Apple Store. I just wish I had a camera because it was such a gorgeous night and we found the cutest little book store, ice cream and vegan cafe to wait in! We made it to Antigua new phone in hand and without any lost children. And still no airplane poops! Score!! (They’re totally all pooping next time I fly. I’m so jinxed.) See below for some of our highlights~

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