Traveling solo with 3: 3 takeaways

I️ should probably have a longer list here, but the thing about traveling alone with 3 little boys is that my brain is only left with so much space, and so much juice. So here are 3 things I remember while out and about with my 3 loony circus performers:

1. Repeat after me: “kids, wallet, phone, passports.” That’s the order of importance I decided on…phone ahead of passports because I figure even if I lose those I’ll need a phone to find the consulate 😑😜 Seriously, I️ actually do repeat this list in my head. Just don’t lose those four things (or your mind 😆) and everything else can easily be bought or replaced.

2. Just get there. Forget your in-flight eye cream and face mist. Don’t freak out if you forget to disinfect all the tray tables. I somehow did manage to do all those things on our latest flight, but I’m fully aware there’s a flight, probably in my near future, that will end with poop smears and at least one person in pee-soaked shorts. It’s all good. You will arrive, even if you’re smelly. Just get there. And don’t lose a kid on the way.

3. Be prepared to spend copious amounts of money on candy and new iPad apps. Wireless headphones purchased from pricy airport shops? Highly recommended. Tacky swatch watch en route to your gate? Sure! They can spend half the flight figuring it out then forget it in their seat at the end. As long as they can carry it, my kids know an airport terminal is their best shopping chance around. Which brings me to point number 3- rolling kids’ backpacks. Not large enough to be a nuisance but large enough to fit their entertainment and candy. I’ve never even pretended to follow the non-screen-time ideas for flights so I won’t pretend here either. Give those kids an iPad and some candy and just arrive alive!

PS 😬 that said…my kids somehow do get sick of candy and iPads after a while 🙄 So I usually bring a few apples, Lara bars, Toob toys and hot wheels just in case there’s a mutiny 4 hours in. I pack all those things in their bags as well.

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