Family in Antigua

I always wanted a big family. Growing up, it was mostly me, my mom, and my younger sister. Which was great, don’t get me wrong. I can’t think of two better humans to have spent my first 18 years with. But sometimes big families looked like they had the party all figured out. Well, I’m all grown up now, with a super-sized family to call my own. Holidays and vacations are that much more fun with everyone in tow. This Christmas vacation, we left on Boxing Day for 10 days of island living with all 5 kids and my in-laws joining in. It is only a few extra people from our usual crowd, but it added tenfold to the fun.

What we did:

  • Pigeon Beach, AKA rosé at Catherine’s Café as much as possible! We couldn’t all fit in the dinghy but this super-convenient beach was close enough to the marina for half of to dinghy with all the beach toys while the other half walked.
  • The Boom: This infinity pool attached to a delicious and vegan-friendly restaurant, with poolside cabanas and kiddie drinks on demand was a no-brainer. Pool, sun, bar, on repeat.
  • Cockpit picnics: We usually ordered food from one of the nearby restaurants, lit the cockpit lights and all hung out eating, drinking, talking, and watching for the giant tarpon that like to swim through our underwater boat light. We spent a good amount of time hanging around the marina, fishing, sailing the Opti and laser sailboats, and simply walking around ogling everything from the superyachts to the mini-electric sailboats that the yachties like to race around.
  • And last but not least: One ill-fated Antigua Yacht Club regatta, that we thought would be “fun for the whole family”. Watching certain family members that I will not name vomit into a tiny kids beach bucket as we heaved and lurched our way around the race course was slightly horrifying. Even in the thick of my own nausea, though, I was able to recognize a good family memory in the making 🙂

Scroll down for pictures and adventure highlights…but first check out Nina’s awesome Go Pro Video she made of our week together 🙂


The kids checking out the sunset…and Nina taking advantage of her little brother photographer
Papa enjoying a vomit-free ride during the ill-advised regatta
I barely managed a few photos during the race–my arms were full of sick babies, and I was trying to keep my own eyes on the horizon
We’re back! First sighting of Antigua as we arrive back from Christmas up North
The pool at the Boom Restaurant, where we spent many an afternoon with the family
Rosé during the day: something I never do without all the extra helping hands around!
Helping hands in action–the boys love love love Nonna and Papa
Views from our near-daily walk to the Boom Pool
The whole family got in on the sailing action–here is little Rocky getting his first laser lesson
Our first night back–River was over the moon to have his whole family along
Pillars Restaurant at the Dockyard. The Boom’s sister restaurant, and on the Nelson’s Dockyard Historic Site


The view from Shirley Heights. Having Papa along ensures that we get our history fix in!
Opti sailing at the Antigua Yacht Club!
Nina and Leo summing up how we all felt during the Regatta
Van hugging the “bucket of shame”…I feel slightly ill just looking at this but I know I’ll look back at this picture and smile
Nonna and Rocky cuddles
Regatta after-party
Always fishing
family cuddles

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  1. Killer video!!! ❤ While watching it, I remembered your short video in instastories with surfboards and one of the boys coming in and falling. I could watch that non-stop and still be laughing. 😂😂😂

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